Sunday, November 8, 2009

How it All Began

I put the call out for post requests and Nicole was curious how my hubby and I met. We met at work and I could not stand him. He was cocky and arrogant and always seemed to have baby's mama drama. He somehow got accepted into my circle of friends(note to self: need more female friends) and as most crazy kids in our 20's we seemed to be at the bar a lot. This led to many an after bar party at my apt. It comes in handy that I hardly had any neighbors. One night for some strange reason, the moon was full or something, we ended up together. A few months passed with cold spell and an ex of mine showed up at the bar one night and he took offense to it. I said it ain't like you have been calling, to which the OOOOHHHs were heard from our friends and he must have figured he needed to get his butt in gear. We "dated" about a month or so and then moved in together.

After 9/11, we had been together for 2 years and he decided he'd better pop the question. He proposed at a Packer game, that we and a bunch of our friends went to Carolina for. We got married a year later in a way to expensive wedding. Elope people, Elope! This way your future husband won't feel the need to have 6 groomsmen and 4 ushers, making you find 6 bridesmaids(note to self: need more female friends) after you adamantly said 3, 4 max.

We were having a hard time deciding where to go on our honeymoon, I wanted Paris he wanted London, so we did both. We had a great time. The dollar was much stronger then and we we able to do quite a bit.

November actually marks 10 official years together. How we ever made a go of it is beyond me sometimes. We are very different people. He is much more of an extrovert and jokester, whereas, I am more introverted and serious.

There you have it.


CanadianMama said...

Wow, that is a cool story and I'm super jealous of your honeymoon!!

Anonymous said...

Look at me . . . I am such a busy body! You know that I too am a big fan of dipping my pen in the company ink - so glad it worked out for you!

Michelle Leigh said...

Haha, love how you couldn't stand him at first! Totally jealous of your honeymoon too! Never been overseas!

Kim said...

Love it!!!
Nice honeymoon. Lucky.

Anonymous said...

That's a good beginning to TV show. :-)