Sunday, November 1, 2009


Miss Peanut Butter was "Ariel" or a mermaid for Halloween. I though her costume came out pretty good. I remade the top to look a little more princess like and even made her a little treat bag. She didn't want to wear the headband we got, but whatcha gonna do. I barely got a long sleeve shirt and sweater underneath the shirt. It was pretty cold and windy.

She picked up "trick or treat pretty quickly. She would get her bag all ready before she headed up to the door.

These folks had a pretty neat set up and PB wasn't too scared by it. It actually took me a minute to realize the guy was actually a guy and not a statue. They had the garbage can set up so it looked like something was peeking out, PB actually went up to it to take a look. She did get scared at another house they had one of those candy bowls where the skeleton hand comes out when you grab a treat. She freaked when it came out at her. It was a little funny. The guy who had it was one of J's coaches from baseball.

PB seemed to tire out much more quickly this year. She didn't make it the whole two hours and was begging to be carried the last couple blocks. I had wanted to get photos in front of a house that was really done up but she wasn't having it. She was very happy to see Daddy who stayed home to hand out candy.

By the time trick or treating was over Miss Peanut Butter had enough. She didn't want her picture taken, she didn't want to go inside, her skirt was itchy, no one was coming to for her to hand out candy to, and she was just plain wore out.


Leslie Collins said...

Reyna was worn out too afterwards. What a cute costume.

Denise said...

Adorable! And yes they do get worn out pretty fast! She looked cute! Way to go mom on the costume..

April said...

Oh that last pic says it all about how tired she was! So sweet.

Kat said...

It is called a candy crash. ;) Trick or treating is 3 hours in our area, and I used to love going all three hours as fast as I could. Now I'm glad when my boys have had it after 2. ;)

Cassandra said...

Cute costume-- the layers and gloves kill me because we always trick or treat in the warm here in NC :-)

CanadianMama said...

Oh that last picture is too cute - love it!
That costume is great; nice work Mama!!