Monday, November 23, 2009

A Vacation from Vacation

I am actually ready to go back to work. I am bored beyond belief here at home. I have done my best to keep Peanut Butter busy, but now I know why people have more than one child, so they have someone else to play with. I am in need of a conversation with some one who doesn't respond, "why?" or "what did you say?" I need to stop eating out of boredom. I need a night of sleep without someone on my arm. I did get to catch up last night on Nip/Tuck and it was great. I will have to do something different next year. I was thinking of maybe a trip to Disney just me and the girl. Hopefully I can pull my finances together by then, because this sitting around here for a week and a half is depressing.

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Anonymous said...

Maren has taken asking "Why?" to a whole new level - I don't know what I would do if she didn't have Cooper to help answer her inquaries! Disney with just you and PB would be awesome!