Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Urgent Care

Peanut Butter went into a screaming rage around 5:30 this evening. I thought she was having a temper tantrum, but after 20 min or so I picked her up and noticed she had some stuff oozing out the back of the diaper. Apparently she will take off her own diaper for anything but diarrea. I took her up to the bathroom to get cleaned up and take a bath. This started a whole other rage and a rash took off across her body. Since she already had horrible diaper rash I decided to take her to urgent care. It took me 15 min or so to get a diaper and pjs on her to leave. We get to the hospital and of course everyone is sick this evening and the parking lot is pretty full. We got there about 6:50 after and hour and 15 min of Peanut Butter running up and down the hallway we get the call. Then after another 15 min of PB tearing up the exam room we get seen. The PA was either new or didn't have a clue that I can listen to him as I wrestle my girl off the counter and try and stop her from coloring the whole desk. Keep talking, I'm a Mom, I have to multitask and listening is one of the easier ones. So in between the big pauses, he seemed to think she had a reaction(really) and why didn't I give her benedryl, because the package says 6 and up. Then he wanted to argue with me over that. I gave in an said okay fine what dose should I give her. He says a tsp and I can write you a prescription if you are not comfortable with this. He also recommended a steroid and wrote a script for that too. I'm not sure if I want to use that yet, but I'll sleep on it. And follow up with dr 3-4 days. An hour and a half for 5 min. We got home at 8:40. I seriously think they could streamline this whole thing. keep a medical person in one room and you get 5 min if you are there for the minor bad stuff like ear infection, rash, cold, flu. They look at you say yep your sick, here's your prescription, bill my insurance a few hundred dollars, and out you go. Next. I have no idea what is causing this, but she gets these outbreaks every so often. Had she not been screaming bloody murder before I brought her in, I probably wouldn't have even went in.
They other not so great piece of information I got is the Dr. we normally see is leaving the hospital. This is the 3rd one we've had in the last 3 years. Granted I had the first one for years, but all of them have been really good and personable. I have a feeling my luck will be running out.


Anonymous said...

no! don't say your luck is running out!!

You've just been VERY blessed.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh my, days like these are just beyond stressful. And I agree with Candy, it could have been worse and hopefully your luck is changing!

Poltzie said...

Oh, poor BP!!