Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Longest Day Ever

Today has seemed like the longest day ever. I hardly slept last night since Miss Peanut Butter decided to sleep in our bed last night. For some reason she has to share my pillow and not Daddy's. We got a walk in fairly early and had lunch, there is nothing like mac and cheese. I don't care for the whole lunch thing, I never know what to make. I made dinner while I was slaving over the mac and cheese. I put a roast and veggies in the crock pot so I would have all this extra time this afternoon. I couldn't get the girl to nap, I even took her for a drive hoping she'd nod off and no she didn't. I'm tired cranky and have lady problems that haven't been diagnosed as of yet, I just want a nap or a diet coke. I'm trying to cut back and have had only one so far which is a record. Then J has to tell me that they made a mistake booking for the Kalahari and PB and I might not be able to go. I was so looking forward to this. He said they are going to try and get J a separate room, I really hope so.

PB stacked some blocks today, usually she gets to 3 and she knocks them down today she made a full tower. We also played outside this afternoon. She loves kicking the ball around. I hate to say this but I hope she doesn't want to play soccer. I find the game incredibly boring. I know know if it's because I never played or know all the rules, but I find it mind numbing. She did, however, manage to shoot hoops and hang on to a lollipop. She still has a huge stash from trick or treating.


Zoe said...

ohhh i hope you get to go! i have really been wanting to go to kalahari. hope it works out!

Trannyhead said...

Those blocks are totally cute :-)