Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Finds and Frustrations

Peanut Butter and I went rummaging this am. We got a little tikes easel and picnic table each for $5. And after looking at what they go for, I'm thinking I got a steal. I also found some fancy arecrombie and american eagle things for The Boy. Since he has been nixing everything I get from Old Navy for him. PB also found a baby and a baby stroller. She is really into babies right now. She zoomed this one around the house.
I got down to business on fixing up our porch for PB to use as a play room. I need to get some of these toys out of the living room. I sealed up around the windows and couldn't believe all the gaps we had in there. It's no wonder all the crawlies were getting in. I picked up some wainscoting and was hoping J could help me cut that tonight, but he got stuck at work. One of the negatives for working in corrections they can keep you if they want to. Hopefully we can do that tomorrow when I get home from work and lay some carpet squares down. I had really wanted to get some Flor ones, but I just can't afford it right now. So, I got some cheap ones from Menard's.
I find it interesting that as the economy is taking a total downward spiral, gas has been dropping like a rock. I filled up on Monday for 3.47 and today it was going for 3.19. I have never seen it drop so fast. I wonder where this huge surplus is coming from. And I wonder what the gas stations were really paying wholesale for gas to drop it so quickly. It's just something that makes me go hmmm.
I see the ladybugs or should I say Japanese beetles, have begun their fall infestation. They really don't bother me until I get bitten and the inside my house is full of them.
I am not looking forward to work tomorrow. It will be boring as all get out and I'm sure my fav incarcerated person will annoy the bejesus out of me. But at least they shouldn't be painting with the noxious paint. I said something to the maintenance head about finding some low/no VOC paint and he asked me what that was.???
Peanut Butter will NOT nap. I used to make her cry it out, but now that doesn't even work. The last time she decided to rip off part of the wall paper border on her wall. She doesn't even go to bed at night with out a fight. At this rate she will be in that crib forever.


Anonymous said...

I make my kids stand up with their face in the corner if they put up a fight about going to bed. They HATE it!

Anonymous said...

Cooper went through the same phase shortly after he turned 2 - no naps and fighting bedtime to the bitter end. He did go back to napping for a short time, and while bedtime has gotten better, it is still often a battle!

Yeah for your great deals! My two are also HUGE into strollers and babies - my mother is mortified that Cooper loves pushing his pink stroller around. Me? Beyond proud!

Can't wait to see pictures of the wainscoting - we have it in two rooms and I love it!

imbeingheldhostage said...

terrible twos are... well, terrible, aren't they? Miss Ky has pulled her princess border down too. She will be in a crib forever if I can get one with high enough sides-- she's already attempted the jail break from the one she has. sigh.

Hang in there, you have friends out here who are suffering through this with you :-)

jessica said...

gas is crazy. i paid 2.71 this weekend.
i hate the japanese beetles!!! ugh!