Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stressed, Shoes, and Scrapbooking

I think I am married to a deaf man. I don't know how he can just sit by as I struggle with Peanut Butter. How he cannot hear my cries for help is beyond me. I even said as he was 3 feet from me maybe Daddy can take you outside for a bit. What does he do takes her over by the tv and puts noggin on. So she runs back over to the door and I take her outside to battle over the edge of the driveway and the street. J comes out 20 min later to see what we're up to. I understand he worked today and I didn't, but come on a little help. I'm trying to get dinner cleaned up, the dishes done, my lunch for tomorrow made, laundry. On his days off he stops doing a lot of the parenting stuff as soon as I get home. I on the other hand still have to do everything. I am beyond pissed right now and I just know he is going to ask for something tonight, and that my friends just isn't happening.

On an other note, since I cannot buy adorable shoes for myself because of my wonderful 11 wides. I live vicariously through my daughter. Since Leslie found a great deal at Kohls yesterday I had to go today. I was going to get the skechers, but even with the extra 30% off they were a little rich for my blood, they must have had a better sale there. I did however get these and a cute pair of nike sandals on clearance for next year for a total of $16.66. I spent way too much time in there and Peanut Butter was more than ready to leave. Especially when I wouldn't get her the Dora sandals.

Since I have been actually sitting down and scrapbooking, yesterday I said to myself, "Girl, you need some of that new Basic Grey and you can always use some more My Minds Eye. You will have no problems making the perfect pages then."$75 later I came out with an inch of paper and a new paper trimmer, that so far is awesome. I completely lost my mind. I wanted to take home half the freaking store. It had been probably 6 months since I bought anything. I said I was going to use up some of my stacks of stuff and I did fairly well until I saw the Euphoria stuff.It is a good thing they didn't have any Eva that would've been another 10 dollars. I did buy some of the new Bo Bunny Press too.Now I should be crankin' out pages. Ha Ha. It is a good thing the store is a 40 min drive and Peanut Butter is way more than I can handle in there. The Boy watched her as I did my damage.

I'm heading off to bed now, I am dreading the alarm clock for work tomorrow. I actually have to work seven in a row this week, plus and extra 2 hrs at the shooting range. Can you feel my excitement?


Kristi said...

Okay, now I NEED the new Basic Grey stuff too!!!!! Might make me actually want to scrap again!

Anonymous said...

Are we married to the same man?! Hubby tried to cop-a-feel this morning while I was doing the dishes (and the kids were both sitting within feet of us eating breakfast.) Um, hello?! You have been gone for 6 days - I love you and I missed you, but I am beyond tired . . . you deal with the household for a week solo and then let me know if you want to make out!

Yeah for the shoe deals and for the new scraping purchases - and good for you for treating yourself to it . . . you work hard and it is something that you enjoy doing! (I am hoping that by typing those words I will actually believe the same of myself and do something creative!)

Leslie Collins said...

Way to go purchasing some new scrap stuff. I LOVE Basic Grey and my mind's eye. I could spend so much time and money on it.

I love the shoes you bought for little miss. I checked those out @ our Kohls, but they were regular price?! Weird. I wouldn't have paid that for her tennis shoes either, but since my mom was kind enough to give me her 10 kohl's bucks, I splurged. Wait...I bet they go lower.

I feel the same way with my hubs. Somedays, he just doesn't "get it." I don't think he sees taking care of REyna as work. Whatever. Try and hang in there.