Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Treadmills, Trials, and Time Away.

I have been trying to run on the treadmill at work. This seems to be pure torture at its finest. I can't get a pace I like. I go crazy staring at the wall. I have tried to read, but it is extremely hard. We aren't allowed our mp3 players at work, which I think might make it bearable. Attempting to run in my work clothes sucks too. Polyester pants do not breath real well. I get some sort of workout since I end up sweating profusely. Thankfully, my coworkers only have to put up with me for an hour more after I attempt kill myself on the dang thing. I almost think it is easier to run pushing the stroller. Tomorrow morning Peanut Butter and I will get back to the stroller as we search out some rummage sales. Hopefully there is a bargin out there.

Peanut Butter is now going on over 7 hours without a nuk. We are breaking records here. She even went to bed without one. Not by choice, she did ask, "Nuk?" as we were giving our good night kisses. I laid across from her for a little while and she went to sleep. J brought the only nuk we can find in the house to daycare and failed to mention to me that he left it there until 8 o'clock this evening. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise since we said 2 was our cut off. Hopefully she makes it through the night.

J is leaving tomorrow for the deer hunting land. They have to get oats planted to lure the deer in and be real hunters. I about flipped when he said he was going this weekend since it is PB's B-day Sunday. He says he's going to be back Saturday night. My Mom is coming down Fri night to watch Miss PB while I work on Satuday. I have to figure out a way to get to Madison for a gift with out killing myself dragging her along. I might have to put The Boy's babysitting clinic to work.


Mary said...

The first night without the nuk is the worst. If you can get through tonight, you'll be golden :)
Treadmills suck..........I get so bored on ours.

Kathryn said...

Deer hunting already? Is he bow hunting?

I can't imagine running without my music, the outside scenery, or the tv. I'd loose my mind! Especially in polyester! ;)

Poltzie said...

I HATE treadmill running as well, horrible compaired to outside running hey!
No ideas about the suckie but in a couple years I'll be asking you!