Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Weekend Round Up

It was another baseball filled weekend, well Saturday anyway. The Boy's first game was in the dead of the over head sun at noon. It was beyond hot. We have one of those nice canopy things, but it does me no good to lug the sucker out, set it up and sit under it in complete shady wonderfulness because there is no sitting when the girl is on the run.

Peanut Butter and her "friend" played in the willow tree which provided the only oasis in the scorching sun, but she wasn't intent to only play in the shade. There was a rocky hill and a creek to attempt to injure ourselves in.

The did have a small slide playset and two swings. Peanut Butter swung on a regular seat for the first time. She did really well hanging on. She fell off in the first tries since she was trying to read a book she found and swing. Already a trying to be multi-tasker.

Normally I am psycho about anything containing corn syrup, but it is summer and the freeze pops were cool and kept her busy. I just take a deep breath and say it is full of corn syrup goodness and J laughs. He knows it is just eating me inside, as she proceeds to eat at last count, 4 of them. I am trying to let go a little on this since it is almost impossible to find anything with out it at concession stands.

At The Boy's second game in which there was ample shade in the early evening. As they boys received a whooping from the team they beat last week by 15 runs. The girl stole a chair from some other kids that were at the game. She decided she would like a front row seat to the debauchery. The Boy had an awesome hit which I missed, I caught him running from first to second and heard J cheering so it must have been good. Little Miss PB then decided she needed and even closer seat and proceeded to try and place the chair inside the fence. This of course happens as something else is catching my attention to the side of me. I hear a dad to the right of me you might want to get her. Oops. How J didn't see her is beyond me. He was sitting closer to the break in the fence than I was. Note to self buy some goofy character kids chair and it will keep her entertained almost a whole game. I wish I had known this before we were going into last tournament of the year.
We ordered pizza on the way home to be picked up I don't know if it was because I was literally starving or what, but it was so good. I ate way more than I should have. Seeing as I have done nothing in any way of exercise in the last 2 days.
Since the boys lost we had a free Sunday to which J said "we are having a lazy Sunday." We did breakfast and the guys hung out on the couches. I scrapbooked until PB found me and started to destroy my room. At the point I dragged her out of my room she was ready for a nap and surprisingly went right down and so did I for an hour. If I get a chance to finish some pages I will try to post them. I even attempted to use more than one photo, which is a reach for me these days.


ZACK said...

Since your live traffic feed blew my cover (Chicago, Illinois), I might as well introduce myself. I'm Zack!

Nice blog!

imbeingheldhostage said...

You have a new header and profile picture! I love it!
Great weekend round up-- gee, I don't know why you haven't found the time to read the book I mentioned... :-)

Poltzie said...

Read a book and swing, too cute!

Julie said...

Front row seats, PB has some great connections!!!

jessica said...

that last photo, she looks like she's thoroughly enjoying that game. go, big bro!