Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bane of my Existance

This piece of equipment, known as the jogging stroller has opened up the so-called joy of running to me. I hate running! I should say I hate forcing myself to run. When I just head out with the intentions of just walking, even in flip flops, I end up running a little bit and enjoy it. I think my quest to build miles and become a "real" runner has become tedious and heart wrenching. I don't seem to build any miles and I have yet to feel like anything other than a fat mom pushing a freaking heavy-a$$ stroller. Push-Run-Push-Run. There is usually a purpose to my running, a destination: the grocery store, the library, the baseball field. Now that baseball is over, maybe I can use those nights to do more add mileage and such. I am going to not concentrate on getting the mileage, but to enjoy the time. We'll see how that goes.


MamaGeek said...

YOu know, I've seen those and wondered if I could do it and if it would make me run MORE.

As of yet, NUTHIN! :O

Mary said...

Do you ever go for a run with out the stroller? I was wondering if that would get your distance up at all.

Julie said...

I am certainly not ready for running,but I am looking forward to walks when I move. I was thinking of a jogging stroller. Em is big enough to walk most times w/o a stroller, but to get any decent walk in I need a stroller. The one I have it just the basic kind. Any suggestions when looking for one?? Do the weight limits go up pretty high??

Anonymous said...

On days that I am not particularly thrilled about walking I remind myself that in addition to the physical benefit, there is a tremendous mental benefit . . . even though the kids are usually babbling away, they are strapped in and secure - they aren't demanding anything of me - it usually takes me a couple of miles before I can 'turn-off' my head and stop the endless stream of thoughts . . . for that 1 hour (at least), I feel calm.

I keep hearing a lot about an on-line 'Couch to 5K' program - perhaps that would help you increase your distance? I have never had much luck adding distance with the jogger - the constant shift in weight with each little hill makes it difficult to get into a rhythm - with baseball over, maybe you can get a few runs in alone to see if that makes a difference.

(And to Julie - we have both a single and a double BOB ( that will take each kiddo to 50 pounds. The jogger iteself it fairly light and very easy to push - the cost seems a bit daunting, but it is worth every penny - I have literally put hundreds of miles on ours.)

Anonymous said...

P.S. The fact that you are out there is a huge accomplishment regardless of how far you run. I am sure you feel better about yourself, and you are setting a wonderful example for M. about leading a healthy lifestyle. Go girl!