Monday, August 11, 2008

The End of the Baseball Season

Last night the baseball season came to a close. We had a tournament here in town, it was nice to walk down to the field and be able to go home between games. I have hardly seen J since Friday, but he is home now. Here are some highlights of the weekend.

Miss Peanut Butter is into driving just about anything with a steering wheel. She has been sitting on this bad boy off and on for the last couple weeks. She also loves to point to planes overhead and wave to them.

The real reason Peanut Butter loves "ball," it is for the "eye-key." Everyone thinks she is saying ucky, but it is ice cream. She had issues with this stuff since it wasn't the standard malt cup we have been getting, it was a fancy sundae cup with caramel and chocolate cow pieces. She also has a new princess sippy cup on which she points to Snow White and says mumma.

The Boy finally got to play first base yesterday, he usually play the outfield on this team. The coach finally got sick of one of the regulars. Why you ask? Let me tell you, first of all this other kid hardly put out any effort and why it took til the last game of the season for this to sink in is beyond me. Second in our first game of the morning we start and inning in the field and a ground ball get hit to second and the second baseman goes to throw to first and yells, "Where's our first baseman?" At the concession stand of all places. Yep, not even in the dugout, at the concession stand getting a doughnut. WTF.
I hope he doesn't play next year. But next year we don't have to have the "everyone" gets to play rule either. I don't think there isn't a parent except his own that wants him back either.

The Boy had an awesome hit here. Smacked himself a 2 run double. It was a Beautiful hit. They were beginning to look like they were coming together, but they ended up losing. They always seem to have one inning that kills them.

Can I talk to you about sportsmanship. A coach from one of the teams *cough* Janesville Heat, decided since somehow times got mixed up and they played at 12:30 and not 9:30 like they thought, he decided to take it out on our 11 year old team, which to be honest isn't very good. They ran up the score 21-0 in 2 innings. They game got called for time limit. He told the 3rd baseman as he was sending his players home on passed balls, his team sucked. WTF. Even the mom's from the Heat on the sidelines thought it was uncalled for. I guess he showed us.


Kellan said...

Congrats to you son on the double! Your little Peanut Butter and my Alexis would get along spendidly - she loves eye-key too!

Have a good Tuesday - Kellan

Mary said...

Oh no! I've heard that it's better to be the "bitten" than the "biter" at daycare. I can only imagine how you felt yesterday. And trust me, I totally understand and know that these things are going to happen. Do they make you fill out paperwork when it happens?

Kathryn said...

Now maybe you can relax in the final weeks of summer without all that baseball going on, huh? Enjoy!

Congrats to your boy on the double! Woohoo!!

Kim said...

Some adults act like children. That coach was in the WRONG!! Clearly!!

Bekah said...

ew the COACH said that? Wow what a great example he must be setting when the parents arent around. gosh.

your children are adorable by the way, i cant get over your daughters pigtails.

Amy said...

Until next year!