Friday, January 30, 2009

Speech Therapy and Flashlights

We met with a very interesting guy today that evaluated Peanut Butter to see if she needed any speech therapy. It took her a while to cooperate with some of the tests, but she started warming up after a while. She did very well on the physical and cognitive things, but he did think she would score in the needing speech help range. I was even surprised at some of the things she did, but she is one that likes to figure things out. I will take it if is. I, myself, have a hard time understanding her sometimes. We get the results next week.

Peanut Butter also got a new flashlight today. We had enough Culver's points for a free one. She was in love with one we have here at home, but it is huge and metal. The way she would swing it around I was waiting for it to go through a wall. She gets a big kick out of shining it right in one's face too. It gets to be a bit much sometimes.


Susie said...

What is it with little kids and flashlights? Cute picture.
I hope she passes her tests--she sounds like one smart kiddo!

Denise said...

Very cute! I could scoop her up and squeeze her, so is too cute. Yes flashlights they never out grow the love of flashlights mine still love to play with them and YES flash it in the eyes!!!

Trannyhead said...

Flashlights are fantastic! And so are remote controls and phones. Of course, none of the TOY types will do - only the ugly gray ones that people actually need to use. But still, fantastic.

I'm glad PB will be getting whatever help she needs (if she needs it).

Leslie Collins said...

Reyna loves her flashlights, too. What is it about them? Kids are just infatuated with them aren't they?

I hope all turns out well with her speech tests. Keep me posted.

Julie said...

We LOVE flashlights!!

I love the new banner-so cute and so her!!

Hope all goes well with the tests.

Zoe said...

lol my kids love flashlights too. i shine them on the ceiling and tell them it's tinkerbell. speech has done wonders for her majesty!

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