Monday, February 2, 2009

A Weekend of Sickies

Friday night Peanut Butter woke up awash in her vomit. The one thing I cannot do is puke, but I some how managed the every 30 minute run to the toilet that night. But by 2:30am I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make that 4:30 wake up for work, so I took the day family illness. By 8:30am PB was ready to go. She slammed 2 cups of milk which I was not looking forward to seeing come back up, but it stayed down. We headed off to The Boy's basketball tournament.

PB was in pretty good spirits the whole day. She did nap all peacefully on my lap through one of the games. She did, however, skip the concession stand almost all day. She must have still been feeling a little rumbley in the tummy. I couldn't even tempt her with ice cream, she took it and wouldn't eat it. That never happens.

She must have passed on the bug to me. After work on Sunday I went to the gym to burn up calories that were bound to be eaten at our Super Bowl party. When I got home I wasn't feeling so hot. I figured I didn't eat lunch and I was hungry. We put out a smorgasbord for 30 people, and only had about 15 coming. J goes way overboard when he buys food for anything. Just for and idea he bought 5 things of salsa. I told him we probably wouldn't go through 2 and we didn't. But as half time came everybody put on thier 3-D glasses and after about 10 seconds I felt sick and couldn't watch with them on anymore. The Sobe commercial came on and everyone was oohing and ahing and I looked around the room and it looked like some cinema from the 50's with everyone wearing thier 3-D glasses.

But after that the nausea built and I gave it. I felt a 100 times better, yet couldn't think of eating anything. When I went to bed I still felt crummy and hoped I would make it in to work. I did but felt like I drank the whole night at our party and hadn't. J called me and the wealth had been spread to him and he was taking the day. Hopefully we'll all be back to normal soon.


Zoe said...

bummer that you spent the weekend cleaning barf. isn't it amazing how fast they recover??? BTW i love your header!!!

jessica said...

oh i'm so sorry that that your time was ruined with dealing with sick and being sick. ugh. i hope you're 100 soon. if not already.

Denise said...

That is no fun being sick, but it usually goes thru the family before it is all said and done. Hope that you are all feeling better soon.

Leslie Collins said...

Glad to hear Miss PB is better and sorry to hear that you weren't feeling so hot.

Jade is the same way....he goes way overboard when it comes to shopping, too. It must be a man thing.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is on the mend soon! I am with you - barf is the one thing I can't do!