Thursday, January 15, 2009

TFT: Changes in Your Life

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have a daughter. I always imagined boys, boys upon boys. I also didn't think that my daughter would never get to know one of her Grandmothers. J's Mom died of breast cancer in 2002. In many ways my little Peanut Butter looks like her father's mother, strength of genes, I guess. This strength of genes is one scares me. I worry about what genes were possibly passed on to my little girl. I know the BRAC carriers have a higher chance of getting cancer. J puts up with a lot of quirks that have picked up since the girl was born: I have aversions to fish, I cringe at corn syrup, I recycle, nontoxic cleaning products, I try to buy organic when I can afford/am able to, I try to buy paraben and sls free products. I kept trying to rationalize why I had this need to change other than it is for the greater good, when it really hit me. I was doing it for her, not just so I could live longer and enjoy more of her life, but to keep some of these things out of her life and possibly head off certain things. It hit me when I was mad at J for buying non organic milk and said, "the one thing that people say if you can do organinc is milk, please just do the milk for me." He said, "I don't know why you get all worked up over this." and bam, "you know what happened to your mom right, you know that your daughter possibly could be carrying those genes, I am trying to keep hormone altering products out of her system if I can." There it was, out on the table, I think J gets it a little more. An interesting book, should you want to read it is Our Stolen Future. I'll admit it can be a bit dry and redundant, but eye opening none the less. Should you want to get some products that are paraben and sls free at a decent price, I use VitaCost. It is 5 bucks for shipping, however a lot of their products are significanly cheaper than in the store which more than covers the price of shipping.
Are there any changes you have made in your life, maybe some you didn't know the real reason you were doing them?

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MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I worry about BRAC too. My Mom has 2 types of cancer (one of which is BC) and I'm already pondering if one of our twins-to-be will be a female and receive that gene.