Sunday, January 18, 2009

Basketball, Potty and Bedtime

We had another fun filled weekend of basketball. I wasn't going to take today off to watch, but I they played pretty good on Saturday and I thought they had a chance to make it out of pool play. Alas, they didn't. We basically watched a rugby match this morning. It was skirting the line of being out of control. It seems to be an age group thing. I've noticed this year with The Boy playing at the 7th grade level they have begun to assert their physicalness, but not with not much finesse. They must also be at the start of trash talking and trying to get the better of the other guy too, but this too isn't with much finesse either. I don't know if refs don't know how to manage this or are letting them get it out of their systems, but it gets really ugly sometimes.

Peanut Butter is semi-working on the potty training. She doesn't yet tell me that she needs to go unless we are somewhere she wants to check out the bathroom. Then it is "potty?" and I feel I have to take her in case, even though I know it is just to go play in the bathroom. But at home it is all "NO POTTY" whenever I ask.

We are day 2 into the big bed. She has slept the last 2 nights in the bed the whole night. It just takes an hour or so to get her to fall asleep. Last night she kicked at her door for 10 minutes. J about died when I told him I took down the crib. I saw it as saving the girl from breaking her neck, since it had become a trampoline/highbar apparatus.


Anonymous said...

nicely done!

you're world sounds SO MUCH like mine right now;-)

I'm sorry I have not left many comments lately- life has just hit me in the face. shheeeesh. I hope you're doing well, and I plan on catching up with your blog tonight.



Denise said...

2 nights in her big girl bed!! Thats great, way to go Peanut Butter.

Anonymous said...

Good idea about the crib!

Michelle Leigh said...

That's great! We are getting a big girl bed for Bianca this next weekend for her birthday. I'm nervous about it as she can get in and out of her crib too! It's great though that she slept there for 2 nights! Maybe she just needed more room!

Just keep on the potty training, don't push it but offer. It took Annika until her 3rd birthday to "want" to do it and it took a good 3-4 months to actually have it be habit and no accidents. Frustrating process and oh boy, I get to start all over again, 2 times!