Monday, December 3, 2007

O Christmas Tree

We went and got a tree on Saturday, I miss going out and cutting one down, but it's just easier to pick out a cut one until Peanut Butter gets a little older. The weather was crap that day anyway. We took a chance on one that still had its branches up from being bundled. I thought J was crazy to buy one we weren't sure what it was going to look like, but it turned out to be a pretty nice tree. I decorated it last night while J gave PB a bath. She was in awe when she came down and I was shocked she didn't run over to pull any of the ornaments down. Well, right away anyways. The awe must have worn off and she thought well, I like pretty things I just take one or two. Stinker. J said she stayed away from it this morning, but learned how to pretty much shut herself in the refrigerator and how to pull the chair away from the computer desk so she can get up on it. Figures she ended up with my brains. She has become fascinated with the Rudolph figures that play songs. I collect Rudolph stuff and have the Bumble, Rudolph, Cornelius, and Santa. Well I have two Bumbles since I didn't think I had one and bought another. Since she likes them so much I kept that one for her. I'm going crazy listening to the darn things. She stands and points until you play one for her, and the one a gave her it roars right away, which scares her, even after being played a hundred times, which is pretty funny.


Zoe said...

my kids rearrange the ornaments every freaking day. ava hates change and we are putting the tree up tonight. i hope she doesn't freak out.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with the number of people who keep-up their holiday traditions when their children are young. I honestly cannot remember the last year that we put up a tree. Just the thought of having to constantly shoo the kids away from it stresses me out.