Wednesday, December 5, 2007

She Doesn't Stop

The girl just doesn't stop. She is go, go, go all day long, except for a short period called a nap, or recharging. Today it was the chairs. Now that she has figured out how to get up into the seat, she must be in one. If you have the chair slightly away from the table or desk, she has a homing beacon and is alerted and is in that chair and all the naughtiness that awaits in the arms length of where she is sitting. I thought I had all the chairs pushed in as I was sitting at the computer and I look behind me to see where she is at and it's in the chair with daddy's check book in one hand and a pen in the other. It looked like she was going to balance his books. So she screams bloody murder when I take the pen from her, but perks up when I offer a pencil and sheet of paper. So I leave her be. I look back again and there she is standing on the table with a salt shaker in her mouth, looking for some place to run. So of course I say smile and make daddy proud and get a couple photos. J gets home and he never pushes the chair at our desk back in, so she's in it every time he gets up. Then she was in a drawer in the kitchen that of course has all the screws and teeny pieces. Yes, I need to child proof better, but the brains I gave her have just kicked into hyper drive and she's into things she's never given a second glance to. I was not prepared.


Anonymous said...

That is my Cooper to a T. The child hits the ground running in the morning, and doesn't stop until he collapses into bed at night - and even then, there is a little pleading and coercion from me to actually get him there! I love how inquisitive he his, and how well he puts things together and figures them out, but some days all I want is for him to just slow down long enough for me to actually have a moment of peace!

Good luck with the child proofing! We have had to double-up on some things because Cooper has learned to defeat them.

Zoe said...

that is all of my kids. its total mayhem all day long