Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Letter C

Bear with me I haven’t posted in a few days and actually had some things on my mind.

C Is for cookies. I gave Peanut Butter some Oreos, well Newman Os, yesterday I don’t know how much of the cookie she actually got in her mouth. The dog had a field day. Why Newman O’s you ask? Because they aren’t make with bleached enriched flour and corn syrup. I hope I haven’t created a monster, since now she has started begging for them. I’m glad I don’t buy them very often.

C Is for corn syrup. I have an obsession with corn syrup; I don’t want it in my food, especially when it doesn’t need to be there. I understand caramel is made from corn syrup and most candies, that’s fine, I choose not to eat those things very often, but why does it need to be in bread, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, yogurt, baby formula, crackers….. I could go on forever. Knowing that I’m eating something with it in it almost makes me sick. People ask how I lost weight and I say give up the corn syrup and dextrose, its other name. I make a very conscious effort to not buy anything with it in it. It is very hard sometimes, which is probably why I spend so much freaking money on groceries. You almost have to buy organic or specialty foods to avoid it.

C Is for Christmas. It is coming way to fast, and I am way to money crunched. I can’t believe all the coupons and deals this year. The stores are doing almost anything to get you in there. I am done shopping for PB, unless I spy a cute outfit. They boy is done except for is game system, but J is buying that. I just have a few more things to get and let the wrapping begin. I may have to bake some cookies. I have a bit more to decorate and I can get my Rubbermaid tubs out of the way.

C Is for cleaning. I desperately need to give my house a good cleaning. I’m glad I start vacation this afternoon, so I can get started. We have so much clutter it is crazy. I seem to go through it every other day and poof we have piles again. Piles of paper, piles of clothes, piles of dog hair, piles of dishes….

C Is for chapped skin. I hate winter. My skin is so dry and chapped it is burning right now. I slathered on the lotion this morning and 30 min later it is just pain. I’ve never had it this bad. I am open to any suggestions. I currently use Aveeno lotion, though the Neutrogena fast absorbing hand cream seems to work pretty well.

C Is for chores. Apparently, I am the only person on the planet who expects chores to be done for in exchange for money. The boy flat out told me no, when I asked him if he was going to shovel. His feet were cold. He’d better not ask me for money.

C Is for crisis. What to do with our dog. He is getting to be a handful. He went after the neighbor boy the other day. He said he was fine. He is constantly whining to go out or to be let by his food. He isn’t listening. He is growling more often. Took him to the vet for shots Monday and she said he’s probably feeling cooped up and such. She said to try and have him run out his aggressions. I thought I could make this work, but I’m thinking I may have to call the humane society pretty soon. It’s been a hard adjustment for him with PB.

C Is for co-sleeping. Nope we haven’t broken that yet, in fact it’s worse. She will lay down and go right to sleep in her crib at 8pm and like clock work between 11:30 and 12:30 she is up screaming bloody murder. We bring her to bed and she crawls over to me and snuggles up. She has even gotten so bold as to pull my arm over to hug her. I’m just too beat to remember to get up and put her back in her crib. And as much as J complains about her sleeping in our bed he doesn’t move her either. I’m considering trying to move her to her big bed, but I’m wondering if 16 months is too soon.

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Anonymous said...

On the corn syrup: good for you for going organic! I am also trying to buy more natural, healthy snacks and such, both for the kids and for my husband and I. It costs a little extra in the check-out line, but I believe the benefits will last us all a lifetime.

On the cleaning and chores: I wish as adults we got an allowance for cleaning the house and doing the laundry - I would be much more inclined to get it done each week!

On the co-sleeping: both of our kids co-sleep. Cooper starts the night in his big-boy-bed, and usually migrates into ours sometime after midnight. Maren starts in the pack-n-play, but is still nursing once at night, so she always comes in with us. We moved Cooper to a toddler bed at 17 months because he loathed his crib. It did absolutely nothing to curb co-sleeping! It did, however, eliminate the need for us to go get him from his crib when he started to cry - he would simply get out of bed, come into our room, and climb into our bed. I would suggest setting-up the toddler bed in your room - start the night in the crib, and when she wakes she can come in and sleep with you, but not in the same bed. It might be a long shot since she is a cuddler - Cooper is the exact same way - he wants a warm body to curl up with.

That was long! I think I am done now.