Saturday, December 15, 2007

the little things

We went shopping today. Got a few more presents knocked off. I wanted to get Peanut Butters photo with Santa, I was so hoping she wouldn't cry. But J handed her over and boom the tears. I tried to calm her down a bit and they are like take her off. I just about had her ready and they were like your done. They handed her a coloring book and said come look at the photos. I could barely wait. So they show me the fantastic shots of her screaming and I'm like No, I'm not buying anything. And they were in shock that I didn't want any. I understand you have a crap load of kids to get through, but the 5 min you could have spent with me could have made you 25 bucks. It is just the little things.
Twice this week I feel like I've been ripped off by charities. Toys for Tots was outside Walgreen's and asked if I could help out, as little as 10 dollars. I said sure here's a 10." Well, we need 10.55." I said that's all the cash I have on me." Could you dig through your purse for change?" I'm like can't you just take the donation. And she looks at me all disappointed, so I say let me check my car. I find a dollar in there and hand it to her and she says pick a toy and put it in the barrel. So I do and get no change back. Fine its for charity. Today I'm in Barnes and Noble and as I'm checking out, "would you like to buy a book for dane county foster kids, we have books as low as 3.99." I say sure give me a 3.99 one. I pay I look at my slip later because I wasn't sure if they gave me the one dr suess book for free and no they didn't, and my 3.99 book for charity was 5.99. Yes it's only 2 bucks, but it could be 2 bucks for another charity. I'm ready to give up on the whole thing. It is the little things.


Anonymous said...

Just because it's for charity doesn't mean they can just charge you anything they want when you agree to help. That's ridiculous! I'd be peeved too.

I give on my terms, because it's my money.

Zoe said...

ava has screamed the last 2 years...but we take our own camera and do our own pics. i am NOT paying 25$ for a 4x6 print!