Friday, December 21, 2007

4 days and counting.

I know christmas is still 4 days away, but it feels like it will be tomorrow. I think I'm actually done shopping. I made the huge mistake of heading into this toy store yesterday. I was finished shopping for Peanut Butter, but of course I bought her a little wooden pull car with a dog driver, and an ugly doll. They had the coolest doll house with all the furniture. I told J, I can't wait until she's big enough for that. He said what if she doesn't want a doll house. Party pooper. I wish it was still fun to buy for the boy, but alas, it's all playstation for him. The boy has basketball tomorrow, so a whole day at the gym. Hopefully they play well. I haven't done any holiday baking as of yet. I'm hoping Sunday, but I have to clean the house too. I did get a bit of that done today. I realized I have way to many knick knacks and pared down a bit. I hate dusting. And by the looks of a couple items you could tell, I almost thought they were made out of dust. And yep, even with nothing to play with up there, she still wants to be on top of the table.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I am so very thankful that we lived in an apartment when Cooper went through that stage - we were using a card table and folding chairs for eatting, so after each meal, we folded them up and tucked them in the corner - stopped him from climbing! We had friends that used bungee cords to lash their chairs to the table so their kids couldn't pull them out and use them to climb. Smart little buggers!

Hope you get your cleaning and baking done and that you have a wonderful Christmas!

Rick said...

Very cutre. I love the photo of her holding the remote.

Zoe said...

table dancer huh? watch out! she is soo cute. the boys got the big ugly dolls. secret mission ice bat and big toe. norm ate ice bats ear off x mas morning. bad. bad. dog.