Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mission Impossible

The mission should you choose it is to find a way that will keep Peanut Butter off of the table. She will not stay off of the chairs and I conceded this to her, fine, sit at the table like a big girl. But ultimately she is up on the table top. There isn't anything left up there anymore so I don't know what is appealing. But all day long it is a battle, I didn't think my vacation was going to consist of this. The only good thing is as I was waiting in the Dr.s' office I read that children between 1-2 who are defiant are generally kids who have good parents that set limits. But the bad news from the Dr is apparently I have shingles, which is why my skin has felt so chapped. I didn't get the rash or blisters, just extremely sensitive skin. I got some meds, so hopefully this will clear up by the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oy! Sorry to hear about the shingles, that can't be good. How long do they last? No advice regarding PB love of table tops, I never had a problem with my three.

Zoe said...

ouch! shingles can be really painful. take care of yourself!

Kelly Malloy said...

Our mission impossible is keeping our little guy off the bunk bed ladder!