Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightfull

So here I am at 5am, I can't sleep. I don't know if my body is saying, "Hey you used to get up at this time everyday for work. I don't care if your on vacation." or if it's the predinisone. So I'll blog a little and go back to bed in an hour or so. The weather is kind of nasty outside a little mix of snow, ice, and wind. I was expecting to 6 inches of snow on the ground, but there might be an inch or 2. My Brother got stuck in Chicago last night. I don't know if he decided to rent a car and drive to my mom's last night or stayed the night hoping to fly in to Madison this morning. I will have to give him a jingle later.

Basketball didn't go so well yesterday. They lost all three games. The did make the 3rd one interesting staying pretty close. The boy played really well that game. He is actually starting to display some aggressiveness. It's hard not to tease him some when he gets talking about how to intimidate people, because he just been pretty passive until recently. He has even inquired if it is okay to kiss his girlfriend, mind you he's in 6th grade. I was a little taken aback, J thought it was funny. And he doesn't remember what his mom said to him about it. I guess he got her a necklace for Christmas and his mom bought that so she must be lightening up on the whole girlfriend issue. I get where she's coming from, I do think it is a little young for all that, but I do remember passing notes and such around that age. J said his first kiss, kiss, was in 6th grade so... I can't for the life of my think of when mine was I know it was older than that, but I guess it wasn't the moment in time that it is for most. He's dying for a cell phone for Christmas; he mom was going to get him a prepaid one. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but they are so handy at times. Our other big taboo purchase was a gun. Yes, J bought him a gun. The boy will finish hunter's safety and will be able to gun hunt next fall. We have a trigger lock and he is pretty responsible in the gun safety. He has both his Mom's dad and brother who hunt and J so it's nothing new he's being exposed to.

I am hoping to be in a more festive mood by the end of the day. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I just haven't gotten that spirit per se. I am excited to see Peanut Butter open presents. I think I just feel a little overwhelmed with the whole clean the house, you really should get some Christams cookies made, and the end all evil, I hope everyone enjoys their gifts. J always goes all out on Christmas. I tend to feel bad not spending as much as he does, but for some reason he always has more money than I do. We have seperate accounts for those wondering, and I'm horrible with money, which will be another post next week. He's even talking about buying a HD TV. I'm like if that's what you, want it's your money. But back to the mood thing, hopefully after a big breakfast out with the fam, a couple of errands, some football, a touch of cleaning, a cookie or two and some Christams specials, Elf was on last night:) I'll be ready to go tomorrow.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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Zoe said...

hope it was a merry Christmas. i love elf. that and Christmas story are my faves. i suck with money too...and well...that sucks.