Saturday, February 28, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Peanut Butter had pajama day at daycare yesterday and now thinks everyday is pajama day. She would not change into regular clothes for J or the babysitter. J told me on she was still in her pjs when I called on my way home from work. She still was when I got home and didn't want to change for me either. She was up early today since J had to hold baseball registration for Little League. She tuckered out about 3:30 after a few attempts to sleep in the chair she passed out on the floor.

She had to be rousted up to eat dinner, which she was not happy about so she didn't eat. She did lose the cranky pants watching the photo screen saver on the computer. She like to yell out the names of the people in the photos. We still can't get her to say her name, she just says, "Me!" I have paid off a bit on the potty training. It was starting to frustrate the hell out of me and she wasn't going along. I ask her if she has to go and of she says no, I ask if she would like to try. I can't believe I let the Anon poster get to me.

We are going to try our hand at container gardening this year. I don't want to tear up part of the backyard to start one until I know this is something I want to invest more time and money into. A friend at work does it and is giving me some pointers and has been on my case to get my seedlings going. Tonight I planted some tomatoes, peppers, basil, and jalapenos. I might also plant some lettuce, some other herbs, and maybe cucumbers. I have seen a bush variety I might try.

Hopefully we'll have a little success and save some grocery money this summer. More we can spend in MN.


Trannyhead said...

I can't blame her ... I don't ever want to change out of my PJs, either!

Julie said...

Emily had pajama day too on Friday!! I am guilty of letting her stay in her jammies all day if I know we aren't leaving the house.

These girls they sure have a mind of their own!!!

I want to garden this yr too. I am curious to see how yours goes. I have no clue!!

Gina Carlin said...

What a sweet picture. I'd love to stay in PJ's all day! I like the container garden. I'll check back to see how it goes. Great idea.

Denise said...

I had a hard time with my oldest at potty training..the more I pushed and got pissed off..the more stubborn she got. It was a battle. Hey keep us posted about the cute little garden...I love to so tomatos in huge pots! works good. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sweet picture of her sleeping. :) Don't you love waking them up only to realize you would have been better off leaving them sleep?

Oooh good luck with your veggies. I want to plan some this year too.

April said...

It WOULD be nice to stay in pj's all day, huh? LOL

Zoe said...

nothing wrong with staying in your pj's all day...unless of course you sleep nude. society frowns on that!