Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday

Last Thursday Peanut Butter and I went to Target for some retail therapy. we didn't find any shoes or clothes, well none that were on sale, but Miss PB spotted this tackle box, while she doesn't realize it is supposed to hold lures and fishing equipment, she did notice it had the princesses on it. She puts her little princess figurines in the box and carries them around. After showing her many times how to latch the box, I think she has finally caught on. I took out the little tray, so it is basically just a carrying case right now. Some how we lost the huge flower magnifying glass in the store. It was kind of cool, but I wasn't heartbroken since it cost almost 15 dollars. I did splurge on Madagascar 2 with the Penguins, which has me a little irked since she some how got a big scratch in the DVD already. I now cannot complain about the scratched up DVDs at the library since I now know how it happens.
I got a bit of great news today too. My pap results have come back abnormal enough to get treated to a colposcopy. That sound like fun doesn't it. I also think I am losing my mind since I forgot to get a number of items at Wally World today including dropping off a prescription that I had to turn around and go back home for. You would think that making that effort to get the slip of paper would be reminder enough but no, I even walked right past the pharmacy counter and nothing registered in my brain.


Anonymous said...

I can totally picture her carrying it around - too cute! Cooper has a tool box that carries all of his treasure.

I had a colposcopy about 7 years ago . . . I recommend taking an Advil beforehand and then for 24-hours afterwards for the cramping, but the procedure itself was not horrible. Hope everything turns out well!

Leslie Collins said...

I had a colposcopy about 4 years ago. Like Nicole said, take some Advil or something beforehand, because of the cramping. The procedure wasn't horrible, but it wasn't comfortable either. It went fast. I hope it turn out well.

Kat said...

That tackle box is so cute! It kind of reminds me of my Caboodles I used to have. Remember those?

Like a pap smear isn't bad enough. Now you need a colposcopy? Sheesh. Hope it all turns out well!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

The case is a great idea for all of them small dolls that we seem to have collected as well.

You're not losing it either. I have found that after children, your brain just doesn't function like it used to. lol!

I'm not familiar with the colonscopy, all I know is it sounds like crazy fun!! j/k! I hope all goes well, I'll be thinking about you!

Zoe said...

hey tackle box's make great toddler i had a colpo too. take motrin and wear a good pad. it really depends on who does it. i had one that i never even felt and another that was horrible. the key is to be relaxed. good luck!!!