Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Freak Out

It is Friday night and Peanut Butter is supposed to be in bed, but I hear pitter patters in her room. Why will she not go to bed for me?????? She lays right down for J and stays in bed. She may come out in the middle of the night, but at least she slept in her bed for some of the night. I would like to attempt to do a little scrapbooking once she falls asleep, but until she does I'm afraid to go in my room and have her hanging out outside the door because she won't go to bed. She can climb in with me at 1 or 2 am I won't mind.

J is "up north" for the weekend. It is the annual boys drinking weekend. I took a vacation day tomorrow and my Mom is coming down in the afternoon to stay and watch PB on Sunday while I work. I had asked The Boy to clean his room yesterday since my Mom will be staying there and he put it off until 15 min before he was going to leave today, so it is a piss poor job, along with not bringing the garbage cans up from the street as he walked by them, and not feeding the dog. He is grating that last nerve. If it was up to me I'd be tempted to take his stinking cell phone instead of holding the texting option hostage until he starts getting his crap together.

The Boy's Mom must be assuming I am going to The Boy's basketball tournament tomorrow. I am probably going to go, but this is the one weekend when I really don't have to, I don't have J to help with keeping PB occupied, and when it isn't her weekend she rarely shows up. I don't know why I have these feelings on the issue. I feel I have to be at these things, because I know what it is like to not have anyone at your functions, but I think I let these feelings make me do things I don't want to. I then resent The Boy's Mom for not showing up on her non weekends when we go every weekend. I resent the fact that some weekend I would like to "make plans" that don't include sitting in a high school gym all Saturday and some Sundays. I take time off of work to go to this stuff. J tells me occasionally don't take off, but as I said before, I feel bad not being there and I know he wants someone to help with the girl. I don't know, I'm just conflicted with feeling crapped on by The Boy and not making any headway in that department. Rant over.

Peanut Butter actually halfway behaved herself at dinner tonight. I was afraid to go out, but so didn't want to cook. She was 100 times better behaved than the last time. Then we stopped at Wally World and it was a whole other story. She wanted to walk and it ended up taking us forever, I finally put her in the cart and rushed to get the 5 items we went in for. I was disappointed I was hoping to get this tricycle that Nicole's daughter has since it was on clearance for $21 and there were 3 left the last time I was in. I should have just put the stinking thing on my credit card when I saw them, because they were gone.

And I am so lame this is the second week in a row I couldn't muster a PhotoStory Friday.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Miss P.B.s towel!

I think maybe you should take a break from going to the game this weekend. As much as it stinks to be the kid without a parent in the crowd, you deserve a break. Although I know that is easier said than done!

Denise said...

Don't feel bad for missing 1, it seems to me that you put a lot into making sure that you are there and I am sure that he notices altho he may not acknowledge it, he knows your there. You are doing GREAT! and are a great step-mom/mom. PB is a littel stinker and reminds me of my oldest daughter.....!!

Michelle Leigh said...

If I were you I wouldn't go. Don't feel guilty about missing out. You are not the one letting him down, if anyone is it's his mother not showing up to his games. My parents went to EVERY sporting even, dance competition. That is what parents do. You are kind to go sit through game after game. You deserve a break.