Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Snowy Saturday

It snowed like crazy today and we went to a basketball tournament in Cedarburg. The roads were crap this morning so we were a wee bit late for the 2nd game. There was only 4 min left when we walked in. We hadn't really expected them to win the 1st one at 8am so we were a little rushed when we heard they had to play at 10am.

Peanut Butter was in fine form until the last game. I made the mistake of getting her M&Ms when I know she just sucks the coloring off and spits the rest out, hence the orange drops on her shirt. I was a little upset since it was the first time she wore the shirt and I thought great it is ruined. But thankfully it came out in the wash.

The Boy played fairly well today.

We took a pit stop between games for lunch at Noodles and Company. We also stopped at Dick Sports to get Miss PB set for softball season. No, not really, but she thinks she is.

Peanut Butter wouldn't sit still for The Boy's last game which was very good, down to the wire, but they lost. J put PB on his shoulders which she enjoyed and kept still for a little while anyway.

What would a basketball tournament be without Popcorn!


Michelle Leigh said...

She is so cute. Looks like a busy day, I don't know how you do it!

Poltzie said...

Looks like a fun but busy day!!