Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Work and Why it Sucks

I am more than happy to have my pretty recession proof job, but I'm going to whine about it a bit. We work on this schedule that is a PITA. We run our days off as such, work seven days, Tues, Weds off, work seven days, Thurs, Friday off work six days have Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon off(yay 4day weekend) work seven days, Tues, Weds off, and here comes the kicker, work 7, have Thurs off, work Friday, have Sat, Sun, Mon off. This going in for one day sucks. Thurs doesn't even seem like day off. A lot of people fill in this day with a vacation day or a holiday, so you essentially have a 5 day weekend, but since it is the beginning of the year and I have used a bit of leave time already I am forcing myself to work Friday. Peanut Butter is also scheduled for full day daycare since J has to work 1st shift too on Friday, so I can't even take the day without feeling guilty about J paying for the daycare. Normally it she is just scheduled for a half day and I get a little me time, but for some reason that extra $22 weighs on me and I can't do it. It is killing me.

I also worked the last two days in our hospital ward. I often feel guilty about working there, because I really don't have to do very much but watch the nursing staff work. But we have a guy that is just wasting away. I usually don't care to much and just look up what they did and that quells any sort of caring I did have. The bad thing about being incarcerated is that the State has to do everything in its power to keep you alive, unless you are the point you can make the sound descion to have a DNR and a power of attorney. If you should go a little off the deep end before these things happen well, we will strap you to the bed to force fluids into you, even if you are begging to die. Seeing a guy put his hands together asking you to please kill him can be a bit much sometimes, even if he tried to throw his ensure all over you that morning. I'm hoping he gets his wish before I work up there again next Friday, though I don't think he will make it the weekend.

That being said I'm going to spend the my day off, that doesn't feel like a day off, with Miss Peanut Butter tomorrow, stocking up the house with retail therapy at Target and Panera for lunch. Maybe a movie.


Kat said...

Sounds like you could use that day off. I hope you are able to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I too hope you enjoyed your day off - though I agree that one day between shifts stinks.

I have so many thoughts on the jail system and the healthcare that goes with it . . . the bottom line is lots and lots of waste. More incentive to get all your wishes together young - just in case.

Julie said...

Have a girls day! You guys deserve one.

I bet your job is a tough one. I don't think I could do it.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Retail therapy and Panera? Girl, you deserve it - that sounds so fun right about now!