Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Facts

Yes, I did this on facebook, but I thought it was funny how everyone doing the 25 facts on facebook made news. I think they did a segment on GMA about it, well one of those shows anyway. And since I have some readers that are not on face and I have been lacking in the post department, here it is.

1. I love to brush my teeth. I love the way they feel after brushing. I even enjoy getting them cleaned at the dentist. I wish I had never smoked so they wouldn't be stained, but I have noticed them getting slightly whiter. Thank you Jason whitening toothpaste.

2. I swore I would never dress my girl in pink. Fuchsia doesn't count as pink does it?

3. I wish I was more techno savvy. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out Photo Shop, HTML, how to make a blog banner or anything remotely creative on the computer. I am secretly craving inside to be and IT gal.

4. I had no idea what to expect when I started blogging. I have encountered some fabulous people.

5. I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant. I lost that and 20 more in about a year and a half. I would like to lose more, but am stuck. I have even taken to running to try and helps this. Running can simply be hell, I can't run very far, yet I keep doing it.

6. I yell. I have a horrible temper and yell. I internalize, stew, and yell. I then yell and swear. It is the one thing I wish I could change about myself, yet it is the hardest to change.

7. I like to scrapbook. I wish I had more time for it. I wish I was more creative with titles and such. I will forever have 5 or so layouts sitting finished except for the title.

8. As much as I try to talk myself into wanting to have another child, I can't. Some days I barely make it through the day with the one I have. Two of my own would probably kill me.

9. I hate math, as in hard, formula related math like calc and advanced algebra. I hate the repetition it takes to learn math; I find it tedious. It is one of the reasons I switched majors in college.

10. I love sweets, especially cookies. I have a hard time resisting cookies. I do not, however, like my meals sweet. I don't like BBQ sauce, sweet and sour, honey glazed, or even sloppy joes for that matter. I will salt the heck out of sloppy joes to make them edible. I feel lunch and supper meals should be salty and followed by a good dose of sweet in a dessert form.

11. I no longer drink alcohol. I did more than enough damage to myself to last me a while and I think I have issues with it. Not Intervention type issues, just issues. This may be why I enjoy Intervention and Celebrity Rehab, I feel that could be me if I took it to the next level.

12. I really enjoy traveling. I cannot wait until Maggie is old enough to get something out of traveling, so we can see the world together.

13. I can pick up little things in other languages quickly. I wish I could get myself to fully learn Spanish.

14. The only reason I like my job is the crap hours 5:45a-1:45p, and the ability to have any day off I want with in reason. The hours let me spend quite a bit of time with the girl so I don't feel so bad about working, even though I know I could not be a stay at home mom.

15. My husband and I moved in together after dating a month.

16. I wear a size 11 womens' shoe which is why I acquire purses and my daughter has a gazillion pairs of shoes.

17. Is there a store better than target? It is my retail therapy along with scrapbook paper.

18. I do not make meatloaf or any casseroles.

19. I wish I could find a pair of "low rise" jeans that didn't slide off my ass. I like where they sit when I try them on, yet I never remember to sit and stand and have them, have me looking like a gang member, there is no whale tail here, just a whale sized tail. Other jeans sit way too high for me. It is my conundrum.

20. I like the smell of fresh cut grass.

21. I color my hair because I am slowly going grey.

22. As much as I complain about my daughter sleeping in our bed, I do enjoy it sometimes.

23. I am a stepmom.

24. I have swam in Lake Superior, yes it is cold.

25. The fact that kids sporting tournaments sell plastic bottles of everything, yet never have recycling bins drives me batty.


Trannyhead said...

That selling plastic bottles thing makes me crazy. At The Smithsonian natural history museum, the last time I was there they had no recycling thing. I mean - you're the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. What gives, you know?

And wow - you have bigger feet than I do. I'm impressed!

Richard Lewis said...

Hi from a complete stranger surfing around. Children math: two children is not double the effort, but four times. Like in squared.

And like trannyhead, wow, dem's some feet!


Michelle Leigh said...

Ok, so I have a sweets problem too. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to travel easily! This upcoming trip is terrifying me. I am seriously having anxiety issues about the plane! Some day I won't have to worry, right?

Zoe said...

i'm still in shock that you swam in lake superior. it's cold and DIRTY! have you been checked for toxins???

Leslie Collins said...

I am terrible at math, too...and cannot stand it. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these posts! I love learning more about the people that I enjoy reading.

And you know how I feel about brushing my teeth.