Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speech Therapy and Irritations

We met with the speech therapist today. It seemed to go well. She said Peanut Butter is a little behind in somethings and adds in sounds as she is talking. She said she thinks PB is trying to talk to fast too. She is going to score everything and meet up again with the first evaluator to see how they want to proceed.
Tomorrow is my Friday; I have worked seven days in a row and haven't slept much during the night since PB seems to think she owns my side of the bed. At least last night she didn't come in until my alarm was going off, so I got a full night and she got the full side of the bed. I am still cranky and everything is getting on my nerves. I even warned the guy I'm working with tomorrow that sometimes on my Fridays after seven days I can be a real crank. Scarily he was happy about that. Unfortunately J is grating my nerves and is driving me crazy. I don't understand his rational sometimes. This weekend I am deciding whether or not to go to a scrapbooking crop in IL. I needed to find a decent cheap hotel, which I think I have found. The Boy is taking some friends to the Wilderness water park in Wisconsin Dells for his birthday. J said if you go to IL I'll take the girl to the waterpark, great! Well, not so much, The Boy's mom needed to know if I was going, because if I am not she wants to take her boyfriend. I said tell her to take him. He asked if I was going to IL, I said I wasn't sure, but just have her take him. He said well, if you don't go that defeats the purpose of me taking the girl to the Dells. I said you can still take her, you can spend a day with her. Urgh, why wouldn't he still take her and go, so I can still have my day.


Denise said...

i hear ya on the irritations! i have been crabby too...but i have not reason to be :(

Zoe said...

because men are idiots. period.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Ditto to what Zoe said.

And crabby? Let's start a club. I'm in. :)

Julie said...

Boys will never get it!!

It may be 2009, but they don't get that we do EVRYTHING and deserve a day-hell and hour to ourselves!!