Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Of Thunk It.

I got Miss Peanut Butter some Play-Doh today. I wasn't sure if she would like it, but I figured we should start doing something arts and crafty. She seemed to really enjoy it. Mushing it all out across the table was a big hit. She even started putting each color away when she was done with it.
If you have someone that is into the princesses they have a ton of stuff in the dollar spot at target. We got magnets and PB seem to think they are stickers which will not stick to her shirt no matter how hard she tries. I also had a ToysRUs gift card from Nana for PB and she picked out Ariel bath barbie and Snow White shimmer barbie. She is crazy for Ariel. I was going to make one of those tie fleece blankets and looked at fleece at Jo-Ann's today, but I will have to get a coupon and go back, 14 bucks a yd is a little steep for this chicka. Funny, I never think that way with scrapbook supplies:)
I'm supposed to go over to a friends house this weekend to scrapbook. I told J about this at least a month ago. Now he is giving me this crap about working overtime and is throwing a wrench into the whole thing. Overtime is pretty scarce at work, so planning what shift he is going to work is impossible. I'm hoping he can work 1st tomorrow and I have my weekend. We'll see.

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Leslie Collins said...

Reyna is just getting into Playdoh, too. I need to fidn some toys to go with it though. I hate to buy right now since Christmas is coming up rather quick.