Sunday, November 2, 2008

Record Holders

J and I drove to South Bend, IN, yesterday for the Notre Dame/Pitt football game. J is a huge fan. We went last year to the Navy game in which they lost in 3 overtimes, the longest game in ND history. We watch them lose yesterday in 4 overtimes. So we have been to both of the longest losing games in ND history. Maybe we are a jinx or something. I guess we got out money's worth.
For being a 4 hour drive one way it wasn't too bad except for the fact we dished out almost 20 bucks in tolls. And I don't know if J drives unusually slow since I almost always go at least 10 over and have been known to keep up with traffic, but man the peeps from IL were flying past us. And peeps from IL, I get that you want to drive 90 through the extremely narrow construction lanes, but you have to let people merge. I am amazed there are not more accidents.
I'm going to a crop in IL in March, I'm half tempted to fork out for an I-Pass so I can just fly through the tolls. They are a huge PITA. Have one toll when you get on or off or like IN or OH do it, with picking up a ticket and paying when you get off. Stopping for 5 tolls in one state in about a 60 mile stretch is a PITA. No wonder everyone is driving 90 mph.


April said...

We go to NY (upper state) and Maine and Mass a lot so we finally just said screw it and invested in the Easy-Pass. ANd man, oh man, how I love me my fast lanes now!! LOL

Zoe said...

LMAO. my bff's sun just got 3 giant fines for not paying tolls. in a car registered to her. not. pretty.