Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bedtime Drama and The Y

Last night was the first experience of "let's try the big girl's bed" for Peanut Butter and quite frankly I guess it could have gone worse. I read 3 stories to her after which I turned out the lights had her lullaby music playing and laid with her. This apparently wasn't to her standards and she crawled out of bed for another book which she threw on my head. I finally got her to sleep I think since I woke up and she was asleep and I felt like I had drank a six pack and didn't remember the party. I went downstairs and Jason said is she asleep and I said yes. In the big bed and I said yes, what time is it. It was almost ten thirty and I had put her to bed at nine. I was hoping to get a little overtime today at work so I hopped in to bed. At 12:30 the scream fest began. I went to her room and she was screaming in her bed. I tried to get her to lay down but she kept screaming. I took her to our room and she kept screaming. J told me her thought her diaper needed changing so I went and changed it and she was still screaming. She finally settled down in our bed and proceeded to as J put it "learn to swim" all night. She was all over the place and was scratching her back all night long. It was a nightmare. She woke up like a nothing had ever happened.
Nope, I didn't get called for some overtime. I sure could use the cash, but oh well. Peeps at work were laughing at me when I said I was going to come in for overtime, since I am not one that usually works any by choice. But I didn't even get called so I was forced to have a day off:) PB had to go to daycare since we have to schedule her for at least 2 half days a week. I went and worked my booty off at the Y. I joined a week or so ago and some what enjoy it. I find thier tredmills much nicer than the one at work though it still doesn't magically make me want to run. I do like to do the eliptical. Maybe someday I will brave the weights. I find it slightly amusing that with all this working out my thighs have grown and my pants are tighter in that area. Did I say amusing, I mean depressing.


Anonymous said...

Those are called muscles. That's the downside of exercise . . . well, one of the downsides.

Sorry PB is being a difficult at night. I know a night's sleep without interruption would be divine.

Mary said...

She'll get better with her big girl bed. It takes a while but it does get better. Thomas was having nightmares too. They are crazy! He would do wacky things and then snap out of it like it never happened!
Yay for you going to the Y! I feel like I haven't worked out in forever! I've been trying to get walks in when I can at work.