Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Point of Repulsion

Like Kat's hubby mine gave me flowers before he left for deer hunting for knowing what I will endure over the next week. I have been off of work since Tuesday and I think Peanut Butter and I have hit out point of repulsion. You know when your eating something that is so good your eat it up and eat it up until it makes your want to throw up, yet you still want more, that is where we are at. We love each other, but don't necessarily want to be around each other. PB managed to put on the tantrum of all tantrums at nap time she screamed for an hour about being in the crib and screamed for me to go away when I attempted to appease her. After giving up on trying to take her out of the crib she cried for another 30 min and I came up and napped in the bed across from her. I could not even deal with trying the big bed tonight and she went in the crib. I'm sure around 1:30 she will wake and sleep the rest of the night snuggled with me in my bed. I even went to wally world for a new video tonight because I couldn't take anymore of the ones we had or Noggin. We got TinkerBell and it actually isn't to bad. I didn't think she would be ready for Wall-E quite yet and Kung Fu Panda wasn't going to work for me. I considered taking her to Bolt, but she was in a mood this afternoon, so that wasn't happening. We are meeting Nana in the Dells tomorrow which should be a nice little break. I am hoping to get a little Xmas shopping in too.


Anonymous said...

I just put up with a major fit myself. Well, maybe I shouldn't have told you that . . . don't want to scare you . . . they're supposed to grow out of that. I just don't know when. :eek:

Anonymous said...


I love the angle you shot the roses from! very creative!

Michelle Leigh said...

Fun! Gotta love tantrums! We just watched Tinkerbelle too! I really liked it. I think it may have to be a xmas gift for Annika, she stared at it the whole time. She loved it.

Cheri Pryor said...

How in the world have I been missing your blog??!! I just found you via Lesle's blogroll. Your dd is way too cute and I've enjoyed so many of your cute stories here!

I'll be a regular visitor, for sure!

(Do you even remember me? From SJ? lol!)