Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That's the Spirit

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I am one of those anxiously awaiting Christmas. You can have Turkey Day, it doesn't do much for me. We hardly ever celebrate it anymore since J goes deer hunting and I usually have to work. I am also doing the ornament swap at abbilyeverafter. I was searching for my person's ornament today, I'm not exactly sure what she likes from her blog so I'm hoping she likes the one I picked out. I thought I'd give some insight to the person who has me. I love Rudolph, I collect more and more every Christmas. I also like silver or frosty acrylic ornaments. Snowmen are fine too.
That being said I have been online shopping for Miss Peanut Butter. I think I might get this doll house. People have said it is perfect for those mini disney sets which they had super cheap at the disney outlet in the Dells. I am thinking about a little train and some wooden food items from moolka.com. I was looking for a nice baby for her, I saw a couple on etsy like, but if I'm interested in a Waldorf inspired doll I'm thinking I should maybe just buy the real thing. Aren't these the cutest baby doll diapers?
What is on your little ones list or yours for that matter?


Anonymous said...

A Wii, which I just ordered today. I told them that's all we're getting for Christmas this year. I've gotten them a couple smaller things, but it won't be much.

Leslie Collins said...

Love the wooden food. Reyna is really into puzzles right now so she will be getting a few new ones. Also, a water table and some arts and crafts stuff. Books too. I am not sure what else. There are so many cute things out there. It's hard to not go crazy.

April said...

I spaced out during your blog..I couldn't stop looking at Rudolph...now I want to go watch it! LOL