Monday, November 12, 2007


PB went down stairs by herself for the first time today. Of course, no one saw her do it. J said she was watching TV on our bed and he went to take a shower. He came out and walked by the stairway and she laughed at him and he looked down and there she was sitting on the landing. Thankfully she didn’t fall and break her head open. We haven’t gated them going down because she has never really looked at or attempted going down. But I’ve been wondering when she was going to try them. The other night she was staring down them like she wanted to try. She pushed the laundry basket I had sitting on the top of the stairs down, and ran into our room and found one of the remotes and threw it down. She’s pretty good at getting up them. I sometimes wonder if I give her too much freedom. She pretty much has free reign on the lower floor. We don’t have a bathroom on the lower floor to be playing in the toilet, and I have the stairway up gated. I just let her do her thing and if she starts getting in too much trouble, like climbing up on to the sofa table I stop her. And there isn’t too much to get into upstairs, I usually shut the bathroom door and the sometimes the door to my scrap room, but she loves playing with my ribbons which are currently in a box on the floor, which is easy access for her. I’m just not a hoverer, I’d rather she learn and figure out things on her own. I sit and play with her and read her books when she lets me; she wants to flip, flip, flip the pages. But for the most part I let her be her independent self, when she wants me, she lets me know, which never fails to be in the middle of making dinner.


Cassandra said...

Yikes-- Steps!!! Good luck keeping that new found independence in check!

Zoe said...

i'm with you...not a hoverer. maybe thats why someone is always in trouble?

Anonymous said...

Mine never had any steps to go up or down. So anytime they encountered them at a very young age, they've been afraid, and would sit down and scoot down rather than walk.