Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deer Hunting

J left for "the land" for deer hunting today. It has been irritating me for weeks. He's been building up this whole week he's going to be away and wonders why I'm pissed about it. I know he's been doing it for the last how many years, I don't care that he goes, it's the fact that I never go anywhere anymore and am a tad jealous, and dropping off PB at 5:30 am at daycare isn't the easiest thing, I have no idea how single parents do what they do everyday. I dream of having a weekend away, let alone a week. I've been considering going to Scrapfest in Texas, but I don't know if I can afford it. I'm a little afraid to meet the online people in person, I have this preconceived notion of who everyone is and don't want to ruin it. I'm on the fence. I have decided that since I'm going to miss Black Friday, being in gooberville, next Sunday I am going out into the world by myself, a day without PB trying to be Houdini getting out of the cart or trying eat every package that I place in the cart. I will take time to try things on, hem and haw, without worrying that she is now standing on the seat trying to climb out or sneak under the door into someone else's dressing room. I will be able to spend more than 15 minutes in the scrapbook store, shopping for my secret santa. Though I talk big, I would miss my Peanut Butter so much if I went away for a weekend. Like I told J, I chose her to be my life now. He said I need a night out. I'm like I quit drinking what would a night out do for me, unless it was dinner and a movie. I could handle that. I miss movies in the theater.
I suppose you're still wondering what or where is gooberville. It is my hometown, though my parents no longer live there. It is a population of about 1000, and our whole main street is just about all bars. I think there are probably 20 of them. Drinking is the past time. In the winter it is a snowmobiling mecca, and there are 4 ski hill in the area. We have what is called the lower block of what is our main street. And what is the lower block you ask? Its where the 5-6 strip joints are. It is on the border with Michigan and they have all the stores, well had them, they do have Kmart, and it sound like wally world is coming to take over, so there won't be much shopping on Black Friday. It's just depressing. J now owns land there with a guy at work who is also from there.
It is weird how many of us from gooberville do what we do.Yes, I knew who he was, everyone knows everyone and he graduated with my brother. The only bad thing is the few people I would still consider my friends I haven't talked to in years. I was thinking about dropping one a card letting her know I was going to be in the area and see if she wanted to get our girls together and play. I haven't seen either one of her daughters. I guess I just fear the rejection of why now, and don't mail it.


Anonymous said...

Don't let fear of meeting us stop you from coming to the Texas Scrapfest! I promise you, you will have a good time! I know it's intimidating, but it is SO worth it.

What state are you in anyway? I never looked before. But there is the California crop in February and the Michigan crop in June. And Becky (Madimom_04) is having a diabetes charity crop in March and I know there will be some Jazzers there. I plan to be at all three. But Texas Scrapfest is in August so that gives you more time to save money. ;-)

Zoe said...

i also live in gooberville...just a tad north of you. lovely isn't it? ahhhh a night out....