Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving went ok. Peanut Butter was pretty good on the ride up. I think the dvd player helped. Turkey day food was good. PB got it all over. She had a rough afternoon with another little girl. She took everything from PB and after about an hour, PB had had enough and grabbed the girl's hair with both fist and shook. I had a hard time prying her fingers off, she was quite angry. We then went and took a nap. I guess the other girl is going through the whole another baby in the house issues, and is very possessive.
Today I went shopping by myself for a whole day. I wish I had longer, I didn't get nearly enough done. I got shopping done for my secret santa. I wish they would make shoes in size eleven. I couldn't find a pair to save my life. I am also having problems figuring out what to get people for Christmas. I may just wing it and hope people are happy. I can't believe I couldn't find anything I liked at ON for PB it has to be a first.

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