Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It Is Getting Colder

Well, it's starting to get colder. It has been consistently in the 40's and as usual I am freezing in the house. We have the heat set at 67 in the day and 64 while we are sleeping. I have to have a long sleeve shirt, pants and my slippers on now to keep from freezing. J is so warm blooded, I swear he'd turn the heat off. I used to be that way years ago, but now I'm cold all the time. I think Peanut Butter has his warm bloodedness. I bought her some old navy slippers to keep her toeses warm, she worn them for about 10 minutes and ripped them off and threw them over the gate at the dog.
PB and I went to Madison this afternoon to get a winter coat and some snow pants. I found a cute set at Target and bought it, but then I went to BabiesRus and found a cute set there that was on sale for $10 less. So I bought that one and returned the other to Target. PB would not leave her shoes on, which is funny because I was looking for a new pair for her and I lost one in Shopko. I don't know how , but I found it under a rack of clothes. But I didn't find a new pair for her.
We ate dinner at Panera Bread and they had some funky jazz on. PB thought it was great, she danced in her high chair as she ate. She must have been hungry because she ate a whole turkey and cheese sandwich. I had the fuji apple salad. It's currently my favorite thing there.

She's been a stinker lately. She pushed her car up to the coffee table and climbs up. For some reason she thinks she's so cool up there. As soon as she gets up there she says hey, and you look and she either waves or laughs. Today she got up there and started dancing to Dragon Tales. She's lucky she's so stinkin' cute.


Anonymous said...

Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales
It’s almost time for Dragon Tales.
Come along and take my hand,
Let’s all go to Dragon Land.

Sorry, I haven't seen it in quite a while . . . kinda miss that little diddy. :) Cute photos!

Zoe said...

she is freakin cute!