Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello? It's for you.

I took Peanut Butter to JC Pennys today for some photos. I was fairly happy. I got a bit nervous when she screamed for about 15 min of the 30 min car ride before falling asleep. Apparently that little nap did wonders because she was raring to go after that. I picked out 2 different poses. One she has my, " aren't I the cutest thing" look. It is too funny. We did lunch and some grocery shopping and got my oil changed. She was a card when we got home, yelling and running, I was just waiting for her to drop to the floor and fall asleep, but she kept going. She has started to figure out the play phone. We, or should I say I, have been talking into it like someone's calling and handing it to her. They make that cord so darn short these days. I'm amazed that thing still sells. Does anyone have a rotary phone any more? Today she was sitting on her car with the phone. I can't believe she thinks she need a cell phone already.

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Anonymous said...

EMY ASKED ME TO GET HER A CELL PHONE! She's 4. I don't think so!