Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Esty, where have you been all my surfing life. I have spent to much time on this site yesterday and today. I bought Peanut Butter the cutest, way too expensive hat. I couldn't resist, I had to have her make it in purple. I normally will not pay that much for a hat she'll probably lose, but I loved it. I have been considering getting one for myself. I cannot believe all the cool stuff on here. I may have to make a wish list for Christmas.

As for naughty girl she was pretty good today. A jabber box, but a good girl. She had a hoot kicking the big ball around the living room tonight. She also had a good time pouring out my soda on the carpet, so maybe she wasn't so good. I'm hoping she'll sleep the night in her crib. Whoever I told that I loved snuggling with her while I sleep, well not so much anymore. She only snuggles right when she come into our bed after screaming her head off. Then she takes over pushing me off the bed, or she sleeps the wrong way, so her feet are constantly kicking my back, and it she should happen to stray across to J's side of the bed, plunk he drops her right back on my side usually on my head or hair. I usually put her back in her crib when I get up for work at 4:50, but I now enjoy having her wake her daddy, by banging his head with the TV remote wanting him to turn on Sesame Street. She was good for a whole week sleeping in her crib, I think the cosleeping while we were in gooberville reverted her.
I'm also trying to ween her from the nuk, I'll let her sleep with it, but I'm trying to get her out of having it during the day. She seams to be doing okay with that, granted it's only been a couple days.

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Zoe said...

i love love love etsy. its sick how much it consumes me!