Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday: Dying with Dignity

I have been mulling this over after taking the position I have at work where I work half to most of my days in what is considered a hospital unit. We currently have 3 full blown dementia/Alzheimer people on the unit. One doesn't even know how to use the toilet anymore and then will not get in the shower. I told J one day should I get like this PLEASE put me in the car in the garage with it running and shut the garage door. I cannot imagine having to live like that. I think if I can be of sound mind to make a decision to have a living will, I think I should be able to make a dementia/Alzheimer's clause also. I really don't even care if J should hire Jack Kevorkian to do the dirty work. I do not want to live having someone feed me, literally shower the crap off of me, or have to hide my medication in applesauce so I will take it in order not to fall any further down the crazy stairs. The only problem with this is when figuring out when, I mean I want to get the most out of this life, so I have to figure out what symptoms, in what combination, would have to qualify me for my little clause.

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Poltzie said...

agreed, I also don't want to live like that!