Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where Daddy Go?

Peanut Butter and I went to the Henry Vilas Zoo today. If you live near Madison, WI, and have younger kids this Zoo is perfect. It is small enough to get through in 2 hours, it is free, it has a nice play area, and enough of the "cool" animals to keep them going. We saw their tiger today it was pacing right in front of the observation window and it was huge. I don't think I even realized how big they really are. The giraffes weren't out and Peanut Butter desperately wanted to see a zebra, but I don't think they have one, if they did it wasn't out. I can't remember if they had one the other times we were there. A few things weren't open yet since it is still the off season, but the carosel was and PB loved it. It turned out to be a perfect day weather wise too.

The famous question around here lately is, "Where Daddy Go?" J has been uber busy with baseball for the last month her has hardly been here. We get a dinner in every so often and Sunday it was pulling teeth to get him to come to the park. I'm like you can do the park for an hour. It is driving me insane having PB ask me the question a bagillion times a day. She has even began to cry for him, which never used to happen that was reserved just for me. So she is becoming a total Daddy's girl, or he really is gone a lot. The other thing that sucks about it is he thinks he is going to be home by certain times and that never happens if he says I should be home by 8 I don't really expect him until at least 8:30-9. Supposively once league play gets started he won't be as busy, but that is what he said last year too.


Denise said...

You can't beat a free zoo now can you! We have one in St Paul Como Zoo and it is fantastic and perfect for all ages. By 2 hours everyone is ready to go. We have not been to the zoo for a long time, I think we need to put that on the list for this year either Como Zoo or the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy can I sympathize with you on this one! The hours that Daddy works (65+ a week) are a major problem around here when it comes to the kids . . . cases always take longer than he thinks they will, we frequently give bedtime kisses over the phone, and I must answer the question of where Daddy is at least a dozen times a day!

For Christmas we got each of the kids a Build-A-Bear that has a recording of my husband telling them good night, that he loves them, and that he will see them soon - it has done a lot to help nip some of the crying for Daddy at bedtime in the bud. Well worth the money.

I hope J.'s schedule eases up soon!

Poltzie said...

A free zoo, I'm so jealous!!
And I hear ya on the scheduling thing. Mike works at elast 60 hours a week. I try not to complain but it's frustrating!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh that looks SO fun especially with the nice weather we're having!

And I totally sympathize with ya, my guy always asks if Dada will be late each night?

The answer: YES. :(

Leslie Collins said...

Glad I am not the only one who feels like a single mama sometimes. Not only does Jade work a lot of hours, but he likes to do extra curricular stuff too. He has way too many hobbies. This has been a battle for quite sometime now.

That's awesome you have a free zoo. I wish we did. Sounds like a fun day with little miss pb.

Julie said...

I love the picture of her on the horse-she has the cutest little legs!!!

Emily is doing the Daddy thing too. When she is over tired and crabby, she will have a fit and cry and in the end say " I miss Daddy" I think it is partly true but and excuse too.

Zoe said...

awww i love the carousel....but it makes me puke. i can't even watch it so no cute pics of my kids on there!