Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Round Up

Yep, she is still at it. I was hoping for a nice smile and the one I did get it looks like she has gums that go one forever, so here's another funny face.

It has been a pretty uneventful weekend. I got some scrapping done, I seem to be full of mojo and I am taking full advantage of it. Peanut Butter even let me sit in my room while she played in hers across the hall. Usually she is climbing the gate every 5 min and I give up. I'm waiting for her to fall asleep so I can go back to it.

Friday night we made the mistake of letting the girl stay up until 10:30pm. I was sure she'd sleep the day away, but she was up bright eyed in our bed at 7:30. We played outside for a bit in the afternoon. She didn't want to come in and started getting really defiant which usually means it is naptime, but she fought that too. After dinner she was falling asleep in my lap. I really didn't want to put her to bed at 6:30, but I put her in her jammies and laid her in bed and she was out. I was in fear of when will she wake up for the rest of the night. She did walk out of her room around 10, I put her on the potty and put her back in bed, she went right back to sleep. I don't know what time she made it into our bed, but she ended up sleeping until 8:30ish. Boy, did I get lucky.

We have been on a pretty good run of no major tantrums. A little spurt here and there, but no hour long battles. I've been trying to nip it in the bud right away talking to her, which seems to be working. I've also been trying to get her to enunciate her words better. The speech therapist comes again on Tuesday. Hopefully PB won't be goofy excited as she was the last time. She also has been going to bed pretty well. Yes, she still finds her way into our bed, but it is usually the middle of the night, which doesn't bother me as much.

The dog seems to be on the mend, he is still yelping a bit when he tries to bark, but seem to be acting more upbeat. It has been a trick trying to get medication in him though.

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Kim said...

Ohh I've missed pictures of that little cutie pie..