Sunday, April 19, 2009

Does it Ever End and Random Facts

I have had this stinking cold for about a week now. It is driving me absolutely crazy. I hate being stuffed up. My Mom was kind enough to watch Miss Peanut Butter this weekend while I worked and J went about doing his baseball stuff. I think they had a good time together. I tried getting PB in underwear this evening. She did great before her bath, but insisted on having her pj bottoms on after I put underwear on again and I said I'd like to not get pee on the bottoms. She took the underwear off and grabbed a pull up and started to put that on. We may have to do another boot camp this coming weekend. I was going to go with J up to Hurley, but I don't think I have enough to do with PB up there. I'd say maybe we need a girl's weekend, but we have girl time quite a bit since baseball started.

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Candy tagged me with a random facts tag so here we go:

1. I can eat right or left handed. My Dad would make us eat with our left hands to try to get us better at sports.

2. I used to love watching college basketball all the time, I barely made it through a few games of March Madness this year, and almost forgot when the Championship game was on. But I hate UNC so I didn't watch much of that either.

3. I do not like gold jewelry. I like silver or white gold.

4. As bad as I know diet coke is for you, I cannot give it up.

5. I perfer to write with extra fine point pens. They make my writing somewhat legible.

6. I play Mafia Wars on facebook.

7. I had my front teeth broken off by a car door.

8. I loved Sesame Street as a kid and think that Elmo has ruined it.

9. I like to do crosswords.

10. I do not like stupid comedies like dumb and dumber, I will tolerate Will Ferrell on occasion and some Ben Stiller.

11. I am a VH1 reality junkie, though Dr. Drew is my favorite.

12. I don't like mayo or mustard.

13. I am allergic to cats.

14. I like to oogle the clothes in magizines even though I have no where to wear the items. Not that I could afford some of the pretty items I adore.

15. I'm not a player, I would rather read books than play princesses.

I'm starting to draw a blank so 15 it is.


Michelle Leigh said...

Me too on #10. Except, I can't stand Will Farrell or Ben Stiller. He almost ruined Madagascar for me too!

Good luck on Potty training! No fun! Hopefully she'll just decide she's ready and that will be it! That seems to be how it worked for my kids!

Kaci said...

HEHE my lil El was a monkey for Halloween too!! I see the picture on your side cute!

With you on #3!

Coming over from Candy's.

Zoe said...

good luck with the potty training. it s an ongoing struggle. and you know i am a vh1 reality junkie right with you. maybe dr drew should give us an intervention.

Angel said...

Good luck with the potty training!! My son decided when he was ready. One night at around 6:30pm he wanted to wear underwear and we said "ok." And he has been wearing them ever since. Only one accident. And has been dry overnight since. It was a true miracle!!

Trannyhead said...

I hate HATE hate when it's still cold at the END OF APRIL!!! What's up with that? Today it was windy and like 50, and this weekend it's supposed to be almost 90?! What's up witht hat? Where's SPRING?!

*end rant*

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Girl, I feel ya. Although I admit I'm fond of Elmo. Please don't hate me, I'm SURE it's a phase. I even think Thomas the Tank isn't annoying...YET. :)

jessica said...

i'm with you on #3. gold looks wrong on me...

and #8 - HATE ELMO! i don't even let ruby watch him it's so annoying.

hope the potty training is going okay!

Cassandra said...

Well, you know I'm still on my Tar Heel high, right? :-)