Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello Weekend

I am upon another 4 day weekend. I took last Saturday and Sunday off thinking I was going to go up north. Since the weather was going to be crap, Miss Peanut Butter, The Boy, and I hung out all weekend while J went up north. I even entrusted The Boy with babysitting duties and went out to dinner with a few friends. It was so nice to enjoy a nice dinner. I started to freak out when he wouldn't answer the phone. Apparently someone hit the do not disturb button and he never heard it ring. I was racing home in my car with hardly any brakes left to find out they were just fine. I finally got my car in to get new breaks and was quoted $250 and then they came out and said sorry you need new rotors and those are another 150. Oy, I was not happy, aren't rotors something you get every time you get new brakes, I thought they were in the original $250. Since I was at the point of no brakes left, I ponied up the money.
The Boy and I are just about on nonspeaking terms. I am at the point of completely giving up asking him to do anything. He seems to just ignore me and stare at me dumbfoundedly. I cannot take it anymore, just as baseball games start on Saturday.
I attempted the 30 day shred that everyone is hyping about and holy moly, I am feeling the burn today and I only did half of it because I ran out of time. I am hoping my new running shoes show up tomorrow, but if they don't I will attempt the shred again.
I am looking forward to having 4 days off.

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