Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speech Therapy

The poor speech therapist came over again today. Miss Peanut Butter get so overly excited that she is practically screaming at her. This makes it even harder to understand sometimes. She has a hard time sitting still then too. We've tried having her sit in my lap and in a chair, but she is all over the place. Today we had the added benefit of no nap, so she started having mini meltdowns when things weren't going her way. For some reason she has been drooling like crazy, I don't know if it is the way she is talking or what, add that with a runny nose and it is a big mess. She seems to be doing ok, except for the fact that she tries to speak way too fast and it all runs together and can be hard for someone who isn't with her everyday to understand.


Denise said...

she is too stinkin cute!

Leslie Collins said...

Reyna has been drooling, too. I am blaming it on the cold she has.

Cute pic.

Kat said...

But she is so cute!!!
Maybe she is drooling because she is breathing through her mouth cause of the runny/stuffy nose. ???