Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Blog

I am behind in reading everyone's blogs and I have been lacking the motivation to post anything on mine. I think Face has corrupted me in the sense I can post a sentence and be done with it.

I've been hard at it getting through a seven day stretch at work and finding time to enjoy the nice weather we have been having. Miss Peanut Butter isn't into riding in the stroller much anymore, she is insisting on walking which hampers my attempt to get exercise in walking to the library and such. The walking pace of a toddler doesn't break too many people into a sweat. We went to the park again yesterday. She made friends with a little Mexican boy she'd yell at him in English and he yell at her in Spanish, it was somewhat comical. They chased each other around the big bridge with slides. Things went well until he tried to push her down the big slide, which scared her. I decided it was time to go and Miss PB decided a full on tantrum should ensue. This basically forced me to run the whole way home, good for me, yet killed me and it wasn't all that far. We pull up to the driveway and she notices The Boy and his friend playing basketball and decides to be embarrassed about her tantrum and hide behind her jacket,I was just happy the screaming had ended. They played a little ball together, which must have totally wiped her out since she felt the need to nap at 5pm. She would not go to bed last night.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking forward to my days off. I have nothing serious planned, just being off will be nice.


Zoe said...

i haven't had much motivation to blog. for 1 i am so far behind on reading that i feel guilty writing. you should have made a video of those 2 at the park!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like you've earned it. :)

Susie said...

You sound a lot like me these days. Where is everyone's blogging mojo? I think we all need a big blasting dose of some HOT weather. Spring fever is sweeping blogdom!

Michelle Leigh said...

Ughhh, blogging. That's my opinion right now! Anyway, that must have been fun to watch PB at the park with the little boy. They don't care what each other says, obviously! SHe just found a friend! Super cute!