Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Shoes to Fill

Peanut Butter decided to try and wear Daddy's boots the other night. She is a goof; she had a heck of a time trying to walk in them.

I just finished the book Battle Royale it is supposed to be a YA(young adult) book, but I feel YA at heart and I tend to read quite a few books labeled YA. I find it humorous that many of the reviews talk about how violent it is. Maybe I am overexposed or knew going in reading a book about a battle to the end might have a little killing in it. I'm guessing the magna version with comic pictures may be more gratutious, but I read the original version. I also read about how great/violent/interesting the movie was and I actually sat and watched it in 10 minute segments on you tube. I thought it was pretty cheesey, a lot of fake blood, but nothing that would give me nightmares and I am not a horror fan. I'm a little worried that either the reviewers are sissies or I am going psycho.

I am almost done cruising through The Reader. Not my favorite and it falls in a subject I normally enjoy, WWII not Mrs. Robinson sex. But I will plow through the last few chapters to just finish it. I'd like to see the movie since I like Kate Winslet and she did win an Oscar.

I have a huge list of "to reads" on good reads, hopefully I can pick up a couple somewhere in the next couple days. I have to go through my stash and post some on paperback swap so I can get started on the fun over there.


Michelle Leigh said...

Yeah, I don't read. I wish I had time! I've had twilight sitting her for months and months! Ughh.

Kat said...

Haha! Those boots look heavy!

I heard The Reader (the movie) was long and boring and gross. Not sure I'm going to rent it. And now I probably won't read the book either. ;)

Zoe said...

i have to read the reader for book club and escape. i bought the host and it has been sitting here for weeks...

Anonymous said...

soooooooo funny!!!!!!

i love how they want SO BADLY to just be like mommy and daddy.... and whatever it takes... WORKS!!