Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Alive

It was a beautiful day out today, almost 70 degrees out. I made the mistake of telling Peanut Butter we would go to the park after Momma changed, because in her head that meant, "Park, now!" and a huge meltdown occurred when we stopped at home after daycare. We did make it to the park and it was surprisingly pretty dry, a few puddles under most of the swings. Peanut Butter was a park pro. She did the slide like nobody's business. The was another family there and I swear they had 3 kids under 2. It seemed like the oldest might be 18 mos or so, then close to a year and a fairly new baby. I was in awe. I guess every 9-10 months. We came home and broke out the car and the basketball hoop. Her brother let her get into the dog poop soup in the back after I told him to get her out of there. I was trying to clean up the mess as best I could before it rains again. I cleaned her up, changed clothes and she was back in action. PB did not want to come inside for anything.

We are meeting with the speech peeps again tomorrow to see what type of route we want to take. Potty training picked up for 2 days when we went with the Dora potty chart downloaded from Nick Jr. But it has again sputtered and she wants a sticker for just walking in the bathroom.

J and I went out on Sat night for my birthday. We went for wings at the Lube, had ice cream from Ella's Deli, and saw Taken at the theater. I enjoyed it. Sadly my birthday kind of sucked. Up at 7 for basketball, PMSing, and I missed everyone's calls. PB was beyond ready for a nap by 2 and we laid down and skipped The Boy's last game. We then had to go to The Boy's mom's house for his birthday dinner, so it didn't really feel like a birthday.


Leslie Collins said...

I learned yesterday that I shouldnt mention outside until I am completely ready! :) Reyna threw a fit, too.

Denise said...

ya kids think it means right NOW! but it has been so nice to get outside...i don't want to go in either..good luck with the potty training!!

Kat said...

Wasn't the weather the best? The nicest St. Patty's day I can remember, by FAR. Loved it!
Sorry your bday sucked. Maybe you can do something this weekend. ???

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Well I totally feel ya. That day cured my cabin fever, but now I want more!

Zoe said...

sorry that the actual day tanked...but i'm glad you and j had a good evening!