Thursday, March 5, 2009

Modern Medicine and Mild March

I had my lovely colposcopy today, I was told to show up 15 min prior to my procedure for paperwork. It was one sheet of paper to bill my insurance. I then waited 25 min past my appointment time. I figured 8am was a no brainer first of the day in and out, yeah, not so much. The porcedure, I will just say it really sucked. The Dr took three biopsies and the results should be back on Tuesday or Wednesday. He said if they still turn up as high abnormality they will probably want to do a LEEP. This sounds like even more fun than what I went through today. UGH. After that torture I went to the eye doctor and wasted yet more time. Then I couldn't find a pair of glasses that I wanted, well ones that didn't cost over 100 dollars for just the frames. I hate trying to find a pair of glasses. My prescription changed in both eyes, I have been lucky and have had the same prescription for each eye. This meant one box would cover both eyes and I wouldn't have to remember right eye, left eye. I haven't had to in years, I am screwed.

But on the brightside, it was beautiful out. I decided to walk/run to pick up Peanut Butter from daycare. I always feel like such a dork pushing the empty stoller down there, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Peanut Butter decided she wanted to walk parts of the way which was fine, although I had had hopes to halfway run home and she wouldn't be strapped in. For someone that is as petrified of snow as PB is she loves the water. Splashing in the puddles, throwing rocks in the puddles. It took us quite a while to walk home, but she had a blast and her pants and shoes were soaked. We played out in the driveway for a while this afternoon running all over the place. I thought for sure she would drop for a nap after that. She did for like 15 min and now she is a whiney bear. Early bed time tonight I hope.


Kat said...

The boys didn't do well for naps today either. Must be something in the air. ;)

Keeping my fingers crossed for great test results!

Denise said...

hope that the test results come back ok so that you don 't have to so the leep! and it was a beautiful day we could use MORE days like to today.

Kristi said...

Yikes, sounds painful :(
I hope everything comes back negative. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

Mary said...

Hoping you get good results today :)
We are getting mild weather today tomorrow and Sunday. I'm very much looking forward to being outside........I think I'll be doing a lot of walking :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for good results.

PB looks absolutely blissful in the picture.

Midwest Mom said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I'm keeping a good thought for you.

My daughter has the same fascination with puddle splashing (she's 3). And the weather down here in IL is *glorious!*.

I hope you enjoy a little break from the 7 day work stretch. You deserve it!

-Julia at Midwest Moms